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Melody Maker Up-Grade Repair Kits

                          This is an up grade I guarantee that you will be pleased with because it will

 make your wind chime sound more like two to three wind chimes ringing.

 In addition to just one striker randomly hitting one or two tubes the addition

 of 4-8 smaller strikers generate sound around all the wind chime tubes.

 Go to the "Melody Makers" chime page and listen, then compare the sound

 with the "Wind Song" models and you can tell the difference very easily.

 This up grade repair kit is very easy to assemble once you have finished

 out the wood part's to your liking.

 In addition to the added striker's you also get solid brass eyelet's to

 stop cord damage at key point's at the chime head, striker & wind catcher.

 All of our wind chime's wind chime kit's and repair kits come with round 2MM

 double braided nylon cord with a 3 core center for max. strength and durability.

The cord is white because it provides superior UV protection  ten times greater than black cord.                        


The number of additional strikers is determined by the number of tubes on your wind chime.

If you have 4 tubes then 4 smaller striker's are added. 5 tubes, 5 more striker's and so on.

I designed it like this because the smaller striker's will hit two tubes virtually at the same time.

This new design pretty much causes a snow ball effect and is most effective for producing the true sound your wind chimes are meant to produce.

All repair and up-grade kit's come with a full color assembly drawing and written instructions & solid brass eyelets.

                                                      Repair kits are designed for 3/4" O.D. Tubes Up To 1" O.D. Tubes ONLY.

Melody Model

                           Pre-Sanded Un-Finished Wood Parts.                                     

4 Tube Up Grade Repair Kit $22.95  +$6.75 S&H


5 Tube Up Grade Repair Kit $24.95 + $6.75 S&H

6 Tube Up Grade Repair Kit $31.95  +$7.85 S&H
7 Tube Up Grade Repair Kit   $34.95 +$8.85 S&H


8 Tube Up Grade Repair Kit

  $41.95 + $9.85 S&H




                               Melody Model

      Finished Parts Ready For Assembly


   Finished Up Grade Repair  Kit 4 Tube   $31.95

+ $6.85 S&H


Finished Up Grade Repair Kit 5 Tube $32.95

+ $6.85 S&H


Finished Up Grade Repair Kit 6 Tube $38.95  +$7.25 S&H

Finished Up Grade Repair Kit 7 Tubes $44.95

+ $8.85 S&H


Finished Up Grade Repair Kit 8 Tubes 

  $49.95 + $10.85 S&H




Returns are accepted with return authorization only, all returned product(s) is subject to a 20% re-stocking and administration fee

and shipping charges are not re-fundable.

This return / exchange policy does not include oversize special order repair kits which are Non-Refundable.