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You Can Now Get Your Wind Chime Converted To Solar Powered Lighting

At The Same Time Repairs Are Being Made.

Sample Repair Photo's


Getting your wind chime refurbished is a wise choice due to the fact that you

bought your wind chime mainly for the musical tones it produces, design & size.

This estimate page is to help you understand how repair / refurbishing cost

is determined to give you the very best result's possible in bringing your

wind chime back to life again to be enjoyed by you for many years to come.

There are three determining factor's in repair cost.

1. Tube Diameter.  2. Length of longest tube.  3. Number of tubes.

These three factor's also determine return shipping charges due

to weight and length and we only use U.S.P.S. due to their very

reasonable rates & selection of how to ship like parcel post, priority

or first class postage. All shipment's come with tracking number.

When you call us for an estimate we will most of the time quote a

price for you but this is just a rough estimate considering we cannot

see your wind chime so the cost can vary up or down.

Sample cost: $35.oo up to $175.00. Most repairs run for $39.00 up to $69.00

and this does not include new wood  parts that may be needed.

plus return shipping. Put your chime in a box that can be used for return shipping

Estimate's are based on all existing parts being in a condition that are re-usable,

meaning no dry rot, no crack's or extreme warpage.

Missing part's and un-resuable parts will be discarded and new part's will

be used for restoration which carries additional part's charges.


What happen's when your wind chime arrive's here:

First thing is removing it from the box and inspecting all

of the part's and tubes to determine repair / refurbishing charges.

You will receive a phone call or e-mail from us to inform you of our finding's

and charge's for restoration and return shipping charges.

Next you will receive an invoice for charges to your e-mail

address which contain's a link for on-line payment. The E-Mail

Invoice will show A.K.L.Crafts Co., Not Windancer. Once payment

has been received we will begin repair work. Turn around time is

usually 4-5 day's of receiving your wind chime depending on work load.

Include in the box with your wind chime, full name,

return address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Leaving all of this info out will only delay your chime repair.

NOTE: Turn around time right now can be  1-2 weeks due to heavy work load

Leaving out the contact info will only delay repair & slow to pay invoice  in a timely manner

also delays repair work.




A.K.L. Crafts Company

148 Pearce Drive

Pottsboro, Texas 75076


1-903-271-3829 Phone or Text



All Large Models of Aries Wind Chimes With Metal Tops

Are $125.00 For Re-Stringing + Cost Of Return Shipping.


  Music Of  The Spheres Tenor Chime $125.00 + Return Shipping.

Music Of  The Spheres Bass Chime $150.00 + Return Shipping.

Music Of  The Spheres Ext. Range $500.00 + Return Shipping.

 Music Of  The Spheres Contra Bass $450.00 + Return Shipping.