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Dear Michael,
They are home.
They are beautiful to look at and to listen to...they sound better than they ever did!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!


My chime arrived and looks wonderful! I’ve not yet had the chance to pull it out of the plastic, but from what I can see it is WAY better than new. Thank you so much! I think it is ready for another 25+ years!
Take care, Michael.

Hi Michael,  

 Received the returned package yesterday late.  I was excited to open the box and what I found was truly amazing.  My wind chimes were brought back to life by a very skillful and caring man.  I am truly pleased.  When my family arrives for Christmas, I know they will be extremely pleased as well.  I intend to pass along by word of mouth your business as well as embellish on the fabulous skill you have. Thank you very much for refurbishing my wind chime.  Your time and skill is greatly appreciated and your thoughtfulness was wonderful.  Thank you and have a Very Blessed Christmas. Kathy & Larry Milburn     


  Before Christmas, I called you after ordering a 96” Cathedral chime kit.  I just wanted to let you know that the kit was built after staining, sanding, and treating the wooden parts.  The stringing was “interesting” and required a staged fight with my wife so I could disappear into my workshop for about an hour.  After a lot of manipulation and some late night gymnastics, Christmas morning arrived without a whisper of wind.  Knowing the way the weather around here very seldom cooperates, my wife awoke to find an extension cord laying in the bedroom door to the back porch.  When she plugged it in, nothing happened for a good 10 seconds, then the first few chimes of a beautiful peel started reverberating.  She had unknowingly plugged in a pedestal fan and it had begun blowing on the new wind chime hanging beside the back door.  She was surprised and elated at her new chime. Thank you for your help and the fantastic product you have created!


Good afternoon – Thank you for the wonderful job restoring my Stannard chimes.  They look and sound great, and I’m

so glad restoration was possible.  They were a gift from my husband, and I’m very fond of them. 

 Thanks again –


Hi Michael,

I just called you from New York to tell you how thoroughly happy I am about the way you repaired my small chimes!!!

I can actually feel the tender loving care you put into reconditioning my set! I am so grateful for the time you gave

to my chimes that I have

loved for years and will continue to do so.

 Kindest regards, Lisa

Thank you so much for your fast repair.  We were shocked by how quickly it arrived!  The chimes look great.  

Have a great day!




Hi there Michael, I just could not believe that my wind chimes you refurbished are so beautiful, fabulous wood finishing and

the solid brass eyelets look very nice in the tubes.

Thank you again for the wonderful workmanship you put into my wind chime.



Hi Michael,

Just wanted to let you know the chimes are here and rehung and sound wonderful!  You did a great job on them. 

 Feel free to add my name to your list of happy customers!

Thank you,

Carol Rush

Hi Michael, I am just dropping this note to accomplish two things, (1) Thank you for your outstanding professionalism and kind way of doing business. 

If all retailers were as great to work with as you our country would be in much greater straights than we are now. 

Thank you for everything, I have found a reliable person to deal with!!!!


Hello Michael --

What a delight to have our chimes back and ringing with the renewed sound of
happy, contented vibrations!  Thank you for your experience, personal
response, and prompt turn around.  Your package arrived just in time for the
birthday party and the chimes were immediately hung in place.  Thank you for
the way they give us ongoing, daily enjoyment.  I smile when I hear them.
And I send my thanks to you.

With much gratitude -

Mr. Crafts-Michael
Thank you so much for your repair of our Stannard Moonlight wind chimes. They look like new! Now we need to paint the house so as to not insult the wind chimes!
We received them in great condition.
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for your excellent quality care of our chimes!  They will sing for you in our Oregon summer breezes.

Beth & Cheryl 
Newberg, OR

Hello Michael,
I am so pleased with the fine job you did to repair my wonderful Fiji wind chimes.  I was so happy to find a "wind chime doctor" that could breath new life into my weather worn chimes.  It was an unexpected surprise that you could salvage most of the original wood, it looks great now.  I can see how the new stringing material combined with the brass eyelets will last so much longer than the original materials, and I look forward to enjoying their peaceful sounds for many more years to come!

To: Michael @
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my rebuilt chimes sound now. Your melody maker kit was very easy to install. It took me about 21/2 hours to restring. Your directions were superb. The chimes sound 1000 times better then I remember them sounding when I bought them. So once again; Thank you so much.
Art. Griffin
p.s. I received them yesterday 2/7/13 and spent the evening which was my 63rd birthday putting them together. So you sent me a wonderful birthday present. Thank You.

To: Michael @

Nice pictures on your web site and the work looks great!  We will look forward to seeing them “live” and in 3-D when they get here.

Thank you very much for your hard work and time on our chimes, Michael!  You take care, now, and maybe the other set of chimes will need refurbished in a couple more years.  We know where to send them, whenever they need it!

God bless you!

Dean and Chloe


To: Michael@
Thank you.....received my wind chime this's wonderful. 
thanks for a great job.

Phyllis Ruszczyk


Received repaired Catskill Mountain Chimes Friday 7/19. They look Great.

Thank You